A little Sestina based poem I wrote up this afternoon. (my first sestina)

Life to Death

Individual consciousness, lighter than a leaf,
enters into physical form from spirit.
Much time is spent in the womb, so dark,
whilst the sapling grows into a young tree.
Unbeknown, is a world so thick with fears
as the journey begins into the light.

Laughter and joy at the arrival of a light
life is to be had, as the sprouting of a leaf
reveals it self. Released are the many fears
built up from the long wait as the spirit
of the moment is set free, like a tree.
The first birthday ends with nights dark.

A word is slowly uttered in the dark
of the evening. The shining of the sun light
brings the first steps towards a tree.
Wide eyes observe the falling of a leaf,
as the beginning of life brightens the spirit
of the guardians who are manifesting new fears.

With the first kiss brings along fears
as a growing body hides away in the dark.
Hormones bring turmoil that interfere with spirit,
as built up anger and hate shades the light.
Confusion through curiosity, flattens a leaf
with tears which fall from under a tree.

A ring slips on a finger beneath a tree,
with it comes a smile in addition to a few fears.
Their first coupling, both as green as a leaf.
An opportunity for life is created in the dark,
within the excitement of the moment, light
shines inside two hearts that connect to spirit.

With the loss of a parent to spirit,
buried beneath the shade of a tree,
thoughts turn towards the light.
Aging sets in that bring lingering fears,
fears about the inevitable dark.
The body deteriorating like an old leaf.

Guides from spirit help to ease any fears,
as memories under a tree are recalled in the dark.
The light of the soul departs, lifted like a leaf.