A quick poem I put together based on a 5 minute free writing exercise. It could do with a lot of work such as changing a few words here and there, sticking in punctuation, etc.

And it sounded like a place I could call home.
The sounds came forth as the thin branches
of the many trees moved gently
with a slight quiver from the breeze.

It was a place I could go when I needed that respite.
I did go there and I went there as many times as I could
as I lived out a long life up into old age,
upon which the red blood of my heart
would eventually stop flowing.

I now look back, back at a life once lived
and I consider the many choices
which were presented to me,
and the decisions I fruitfully took.

Like browsing a shop full with stock,
I examined very closely my experiences
within the time with which I had.

But now I hold no regrets, no remorse and no judgement
as I comprehend a greater understanding
of why I was there,
and why I no longer need to return.

I am about to find out what now awaits me
as a luminescent form of intelligence approaches.

Included image: Painting by Sabine Wurz. (With permission)